We combine design, functionality and strategy to tackle complex projects. At every stage of development, our experts carefully implement each idea, aiming for top results.

What we do

  • Business Analysis &

  • Solution

  • Web development
    from scratch

  • Supporting
    the existing product

  • Integration with CRM, Call tracking and analytics solutions

  • Artificial Intelligence

Tailored-made products from scratch

At U10, we create high-quality mobile and web applications that help both startups and established businesses succeed in competitive markets. Our experienced team, including an award-winning product designer and top-notch developers, ensures captivating visuals and strong functionality. Leverage our expertise to transform your ideas into reality and elevate your business.

Recent cases

Digital Marketing Management Software

Technologies: AWS, MySQL, Mongo, Angular, Laravel, Docker, Redis

A user-friendly, responsive marketing platform designed to help companies grow their organic traffic by organizing and automating your content, outreach, and technical SEO strategies. Integrations: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, ChatGPT, OpenAI, Zapier

AI-powered marketing tool

Technologies: AWS, MySQL, Mongo, Angular, Laravel, Docker, Redis

An AI-powered tool for creating captivating social media content.

Trading platform for in-game items

Technologies: WooCommerce, Javascript, MySQL

The trading platform for in-game items maintains the safety of both buyers and sellers, serving as a third-party platform. The money can be withdrawn to payment systems, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Booking component for coworking space

Technologies: React.js, Shopify

A streamlined and user-friendly booking component for coworking spaces. This component enables users to reserve coworking spaces, meeting rooms, or conference rooms while selecting their preferred date, time, and number of participants.

U10 is a cozy Ukrainian outsourcing studio

We offer great customer engagement models to attain outstanding results and user experience. We achieve this by close cooperation with the customer to understand all of the technical requirements. U10 Studio is able to provide our customers with an experienced and talented in-house team in order to achieve exceptional results.

Expert Collaboration Awaits

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